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Casey Kasem is hospitalized, alert but in critical condition

Casey Kasem’s health has continued to falter during the radio host’s stay in a Washington State hospital, according to several reports.

The 82-year-old former “American Top 40" host is said to be in critical condition, according to a statement on Thursday from St. Anthony Hospital obtained by CNN.

“Mr. Kasem is alert and appears comfortable at this time,” said hospital spokesman Scott Thompson. “Any further updates on Mr. Kasem’s condition will be at the discretion and approval of his children.”

The ailing radio icon, who suffers from Lewy body dementia, is said to be receiving antibiotics through IVs, medicine for blood pressure support and care for his bed sores, Thompson told CNN. Kasem has been bedridden for some time now.


“Casey Kasem is currently in stable condition. We will have a full statement later today,” read a tweet on the Deraney PR Twitter account Thursday.

CNN noted that a patient could be in both critical and stable condition if his or her health is not deteriorating further.

Kasem’s family was gathering at the hospital Thursday, People reported, and his two daughters were already there when he suffered a sharp drop in blood pressure. His son was said to be en route.

“His health is worse. We’re just not sure how bad at this point,” a rep for the radio icon’s daughter Kerri Kasem told the mag on Thursday.


Kasem was taken to the hospital on Sunday by his daughter, whom he had from his first marriage. Kerri Kasem was embroiled in a dramatic scene outside a Washington home where Kasem and his wife of 34 years, Jean Kasem, were staying with friends.

In a bizarre turn of events, his wife hurled a package of raw hamburger meat at her stepdaughter after a dispute broke out following the radio host’s removal at his daughter’s discretion.

On Wednesday, Kerri Kasem posted an emotional message about her father online.

“I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in the power of intention. I believe that when a person or group of people focus on what is needed they can create a certain outcome,” she wrote. “Whatever it is you believe in, I ask that you take a moment and pray, or focus on sending love and healing energy to my father. He needs it right now.”

Jean Kasem and her three stepchildren -- Kerri Kasem; her sister, Julie; and their brother, Mike Kasem -- have been feuding over the radio host’s care since last year. The family drama was highlighted last month when his children filed a missing person’s report when his wife removed him from a Santa Monica facility to Washington state without the family’s knowledge.

Last month, a Kitsap County judge turned the radio host’s primary care back to his children. His wife was told to cooperate with the effort and the judge ruled that Kerri Kasem could have a doctor of her choosing examine her father.

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