Jason Momoa shaves his beard, because plastic bottles are really bad

Jason Momoa says goodbye to his “Game of Thrones” character Khal Drogo with an open-air beard-shaving session.

That fresh face you see coming in from the desert? That’d be Jason Momoa, who just shaved off the beard that launched a thousand Dothraki blood riders.

OMG OMG OMG is right — the actor last shaved in 2012, he said, which was right around when his character Khal Drogo was kicking the “Game of Thrones” bucket. Good news is, he still has a fabulous chin.

“Goodbye, Drogo,” the actor said in a YouTube video posted Wednesday, as he cast chunks of his signature beard into the desert breeze. His “Aquaman” and “Frontier” roles would fall next: “Goodbye, Arthur Curry. Goodbye, Declan.”

Now, Momoa’s either the best instinctual shaver on the planet, or he had a really good mirror that was right next to the camera, because his blade never wavers.



So, was Momoa spurred to shave by a recent finding that men’s beards can have more germs than dogs’ fur? Not so much; he did it so we would all pay attention while he advocated drinking water from recyclable aluminum cans rather than plastic bottles. C’mon, he says, do it for the children.

“It’s just water, but I feel good about it because I know I’m going to recycle this, and I know that we can recycle it,” he says as he quaffs a cold one, sans furry face. “This thing can be a can in 60 days for the rest of its life.”

Meanwhile, back in the city, we feel good about Momoa’s refreshed new look. Shave for us again 60 days from now, mm-kay?


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