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Magic Johnson

In Los Angeles, Magic Johnson needs little introduction. The storied former Lakers point guard is now equally well-known for his community-minded business endeavors. His Magic Johnson Enterprises-affiliated companies and licensing deals make him a big player in L.A., and his name graces movie theaters nationwide, including an AMC-owned multiplex at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. When he’s not traveling, the former NBA MVP likes to spend his weekends in the Southland.

Meet me in the lobby

Friday night is date night for my wife and I. Of course we go to Magic Johnson Theaters or we’ll go to Avco [Center] in Westwood. It’s right on Wilshire and it’s also owned by AMC.

What’s nice about my theater is that it’s right in the neighborhood and we have a great time when we go because we see friends. It’s not only about seeing a good movie, but you can socialize with different people that you know in the lobby.

Stretching, sunsets

I work out in the morning. I go to 24 Hour Fitness or try a little Tae-Bo boxing. Then I usually take my wife out for breakfast. We go to different places all the time, but we like Toast on 3rd. We also like Jack & Jill’s . . . their turkey bacon is good, plus they have grits.

Afternoons, if it’s a beautiful day, we’ll head down to the beach house in Laguna Beach. I love being there and watching the sun go down. For dinner, we usually like to go to Mastro’s Ocean Club [in Newport Beach]. They have great steak, but I like their lobster tails.

Sports and sounds

Sundays is all about going to church first. We go to West Angeles Church. After that, I go to the Four Seasons for brunch or we go to the Polo Lounge. There’s nothing like the Polo Lounge [at the Beverly Hills Hotel]. When the weather is nice, nothing beats their McCarthy salad while you are sitting outside.

Then, it’s all about sports for me. NFL, NBA, obviously watching the Lakers is my big thing. We like to go to Lakers games. We have dinner right there at the Lexus Club [inside Staples Center] or I like to go to the Palm restaurant.

The venues at L.A. Live are nice, but I haven’t had a chance to check them all out yet. I’ve been to ESPN Zone, but I haven’t really had a chance to hang out there. But I love both Nokia theaters. I’ve had unbelievable experiences at both [Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live and Club Nokia].

I saw Mary J. Blige and Anita Baker at the bigger theater recently. Anita was just incredible and the sound is great. As they start to open more and more down there, especially when the summer comes, you’re gonna see a lot more people hanging out [at L.A. Live]. And they got a lot of parking there, which is nice.

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