Fast Track: ‘Glee’ is bigger than Elvis


“Glee” now has more hit singles than Elvis. (E! Online)

Adrianne Palicki has landed the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming TV series, which means her retirement plan is to appear at autograph and science fiction conventions. (Los Angeles Times)

“Two and a Half Men” is slated to return to production Feb. 28. Will Charlie Sheen be there? (Los Angeles Times)


Len Lesser -- Uncle Leo of “Seinfeld” fame -- has died. (Los Angeles Times)

On Oscar night, be sure to check out those envelopes. They’re specially designed to maximize excitement. (Los Angeles Times)

Sarah Jessica Parker says she wants to do a third “Sex and the City” movie, but maybe in five years. “Grandma Sex and the City”? (Los Angeles Times)

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are teaming up again for “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Geez, guys, get a room. (New York Magazine)

There was strife and anger between the lord of “Glee” and the Kings of Leon and lo, Gwyneth Paltrow appeared amongst them, and peace reigned across the land. (Hollywood Reporter)

Do you want to be the vice president of pop culture? Does it matter to you that Ashton Kutcher is the president? (USA Today)

2011 will see a record number of movie sequels released. (Slash Film)

Oscar nominee Javier Bardem is still waiting for his “Glee” role. (Digital Spy)

“Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” now has a doctor on hand. No, not that kind of doctor -- a script doctor. (Los Angeles Times)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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