Jimmy Carter snags another Grammy nomination. Can he surpass Barack Obama in the Nobel-Grammy race?


Few in 2018 besides perhaps Kendrick Lamar can be virtually assured a Grammy nomination after releasing a recording, but followers of the spoken word category know better than to bet against former President Jimmy Carter after he drops an album.

The 39th president earned his ninth nod in 21 years in the category, this time for his reading of “Faith: A Journey for All.”

The recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize and a pair of Grammy Awards will compete with a fever-dream field of fellow nominees: comedic actress Tiffany Haddish for her book “The Last Black Unicorn”; actor Courtney B. Vance for his reading of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Avis Lang’s book “Accessory to War”; humor writer David Sedaris for his “Calypso”; and drummer and “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” bandleader Questlove for his “Creative Quest.”


Oddsmakers likely will note that despite President Carter’s track record, he’s won only two.

To secure his place in history, Carter needs this Grammy. The only other Nobel-Grammy winner, Barack Obama, also has two spoken word trophies — and a new book on its way.

Which is to say, start campaigning now, President Carter.

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