CBS pulls terror episodes of ‘Supergirl’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ after Paris attacks


CBS has pulled Monday’s terror-themed episodes of “Supergirl” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” after last week’s Paris terror attacks.

In Monday’s “Supergirl,” the hero was supposed to be saving National City from a series of bombings. “NCIS: Los Angeles,” meanwhile, had a scheduled episode looking at recruitment methods used by the terror group Islamic State, which has claimed responsibility for the Paris violence on Friday.

The network temporarily dropped both episodes. Monday’s “Supergirl” will instead offer a Thanksgiving-themed episode, while “NCIS: Los Angeles” will swap out with an installment centered on a missing-person storyline.


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CBS alerted the media to the switch in a brief news release on Sunday but offered no details. A person close to the situation confirmed that the change was made out of sensitivity to the Paris attacks.

It’s common for networks to yank episodes that are deemed too close to recent news events. USA in August postponed the season finale of its acclaimed drama “Mr. Robot” due to similarities with gun shootings that took place on live local TV in Virginia.

The Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 prompted an outbreak of schedule switches as networks scrubbed away any episode containing references to terrorism. NBC pulled an episode of its serial-killer drama “Hannibal.” Episodes of “Revolution,” “Castle” and even the comedies “Family Guy” and “New Girl” were affected as well.

What’s unusual about the CBS case this time is that it involves two shows scheduled for the same night.

What do you think of the CBS move?

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