There’s a new list of the best burritos in the U.S. And it couldn’t be more wrong.

Best burritos in the country

The Daily Meal has released what it believes are the 35 best burritos in the country. Pictured is a wet burrito from the Kogi truck, just one of the stellar burritos that didn’t make the list. 

(Kogi truck)

Meat, cheese, rice, beans and salsa so hot it could melt your lips off. These are the magical ingredients that make up the burrito, a wondrous culinary invention that involves wrapping everything you love most in a giant tortilla. And the folks at the Daily Meal think they’ve figured out who makes the best one. 

The online lifestyle publication has just released its third annual list of the 35 best burritos in the U.S. At No. 1 is the bean and cheese burrito from Tito’s Tacos in Los Angeles. Yes, according to 40 burrito experts, the online reviews the Daily Meal team consulted, and combined research and suggestions from prior years, this is the best burrito in the country.

They couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. 

Sure, it’s a good burrito. It’s hard to go wrong with melted cheddar cheese and refried beans in a grilled tortilla. But if you’ve tried the bean and cheese burrito at Yuca’s on Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz — the one made with the pinto beans and pork fat — you wouldn’t dare say the Tito’s Tacos burrito is the best in the country. 


And what about the bean and cheese burrito with red or green sauce from Al & Bea’s Mexican Food in Boyle Heights? The rich beans and melted cheese unite to form a massive, gooey burrito that will drip down your arm and have you licking red sauce off your fingers well after you’ve finished. Al & Bea’s made the list, but at No. 16 for a combination burrito. 

The Tito’s Tacos burrito also beat the chile relleno burrito at La Azteca Tortilleria in Los Angeles (No. 5). If you’ve tried this burrito, you’ll understand the frustration. 

Then there’s the L.A. Times staff favorites. Ever had the al pastor burrito from the El Chato truck on La Brea Avenue and Olympic Boulevard? How about the carne asada burrito from Llamarada in Lincoln Heights? Or the corned beef hash burrito from Magnolia Grille in North Hollywood? Jonathan Gold’s favorite burritos are from Lupe’s No. 2, Al & Bea’s, Tonia’s and Burritos La Palma. 

And need we really mention any of the burritos from the Kogi truck? 


In total, burrito purveyors from 13 states made the Daily Meal list, with 12 located in California.

Got a favorite burrito that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below, so we can go try it. 

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