Pinterest says these 10 food and drink trends are going to be huge in 2016

Pinterest trends for 2016

According to Pinterest, one of the top food and drink trends for 2016 is pour-over coffee. Pictured is a pour-over with Ethiopia Wote Konga coffee by Klatch Coffee at Lavender and Honey in Pasadena.

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

What’s going to be so-hot-right-now in 2016? Pinterest has some ideas.

The website and app looked to some of its most active pinners to spot the next big food and drink trends. Pinterest named and ranked the following list of what it predicts will trend in the coming year. 

1. Avocado oil: Apparently it’s on track to becoming the new coconut oil. And you can use it to replace mayonnaise, if you feel so inclined. 

2. DYOB: Distill your own boozePeople are pinning recipes for everything from make-your-own-whiskey to make-your-own-vodka. And if you’re looking to make an entire cocktail from scratch, there are also pins on how to make your own sugar. Go figure. 


3. DIY artisan olive oils: Why not make your own flavored olive oil? There are pins for various chile oils, fruit oils and herb-flavored oils. 

4. Sweet-to-savory: Most of these pins involve savory versions of French toast. Think Parmesan French toast with hollandaise sauce. We’re anticipating some sweet-to-savory frozen concoctions as well. 

5. Pour-over coffee: The baristas at all the most popular coffee shops in town do it. Why not do it at home? If you’re a writer living in Silver Lake, chances are, you’re already making pour-over coffee at home. For the rest of us, there are pins with handy instructions, so we can all be legitimate coffee snobs, anywhere. 

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6. Snacking and bento boxesPortioning out your meals to look like TV dinners is a thing, and it has been in Japan for ages. If you like looking at photos of neat compartments in metal boxes full of sandwiches, fruit, hummus and pretzel chips, there are plenty on Pinterest. 

7. Gourmet heritage cuisinesThis trend may seem confusing at first, especially named “gourmet heritage cuisines,” but it’s actually something that’s been happening in the L.A. food scene, and elsewhere, for a while now. Upscale spins on traditional foods. Still confused? Look to Trois Familia, where there’s a fancy brown-butter bean burrito. Or most of the items on Bryant Ng’s menu at Cassia. 

8. Homebrews: Want to know how to build a hop filter? Think an infographic on how to make beer in three weeks could come in handy? There are pins for these, and hundreds of beer recipes. 

9. Beertails: Cocktails with beer have been showing up on bar menus in Los Angeles and beyond for a while. According to Pinterest, the trend is only growing. People are pinning recipes for everything from beer mimosas to beer margaritas.

10. Veggie swaps: In the Pinterest world, “veggie swaps” means vegan. Pins for vegan crock pot recipes come up next to “magical veggie slicers” and a recipe for vegan lentil “meatball” sliders. Just like that, Pinterest became your very own vegan lifestyle cheerleader. 

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