Dylan’s Candy Bar opens at the Original Farmers Market

Janet Jackson, Jason Biggs and more celebrities stepped out for the grand opening of Dylan’s Candy Bar at the Original Farmers Market on Saturday. Owner Dylan Lauren, daughter of designer Ralph Lauren, brought her New York City-based candy institution to Los Angeles, transforming what used to be a Bath & Body Works into a colorful candy wonderland.

The opening was a veritable free-for-all for candy lovers. Children and adults stuffed tins with chocolate gummi bears, rainbow sour belts and jelly beans in every imaginable color. Larger-than-life lollipops sprouted out of the candy displays and kids squealed in delight while crowding around a chocolate fountain.

“I’m very excited ... lots of friends, lots of celebrities, lots of kids everywhere,” joked Lauren, who chose a lime green dress with rainbow belt for the opening.

The store offers just about any sweet fix you could ever dream up. A color bar, which Dylan says is her favorite spot in the store, color codes the candy for an easy way to create a rainbow bag of treats. There are bins for sour gummies, chocolate lovers and a candy powder machine with refillable tubes.


Dylan’s signature logo of a lolipop, ice cream cone, present and candy martini pops up on everything from tote bags to chocolate bar wrappers to plush toys.

If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up in the Candy Land board game, Dylan’s Candy Bar may be the closest thing yet.


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