The top 20 travel destinations of the Year

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The year 2017 was truly a wild one in terms of travel. From Donald Trump’s travel ban to the many controversial incidents (mostly involving bad p.r. moves by various airlines) that occurred, a lot was going on. That didn’t stop people from traveling a lot anyway, though.

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Last month, Euromonitor International released its annual ranking of the top tourist destinations in the world, by number of tourists visiting. As we won’t know the final number of tourists that visited each country in 2017 until January, the numbers included are projections, but they should be pretty accurate. Asia took up much of the top ten, and both China and Thailand had two cities take up spots in the top twenty. Two American cities - Miami and New York - also made the list, and perhaps it’s worth discovering what so many people see in them with a weekend getaway. The city at the top of the list should come as no surprise, as it’s been the reigning top destination for nearly a decade now.


We’ve detailed some reasons why these destinations are so popular - and why you should give them a visit too. Spanning just three continents, here are the top 20 travel destinations of 2017.

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