The Bucket List: Why is fried chicken so good?! We break it down with Sang Yoon


Frying chicken is a science and an art form. Knowing what tastes good is easy: juicy, well-seasoned meat plus crispy coating. How to make it delicious? That’s the tricky part.

In this episode of the Bucket List, Jenn enlists the help of Sang Yoon, the guy behind Father’s Office and Lukshon, to get nerdy about frying. Sang may be best known for his Father’s Office burger, but he’s a mad scientist of a chef who Alton Browns whatever he’s making, and he knows how to make some pretty excellent fried chicken.

First, the two visit Tokyo Fried Chicken Company in Monterey Park to try the restaurant’s signature hybrid of Southern fried and Japanese karaage. Then Jenn and Sang head to his test kitchen at the Helms Bakery building in Culver City, where the chef breaks down the basics of frying and offers tips on how to make the best fried chicken. Does his method involve a secret soundwave machine? You’ll have to watch and see.


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