Is Beyoncé the greatest performer...ever? We took an informal poll

Beyoncé delivers a stunning show from the Coachella stage the first weekend with a little help from Jay-Z and Destiny’s Child.
(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

After Beyoncé’s historic and instantly iconic Coachella performance last weekend, an intense debate emerged over social media. Is Beyoncé the greatest performer ever?

While some believe she is the greatest performer alive, others made a bolder claim — that with her Coachella debut, Beyoncé dethroned Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

In honor of Beychella Part 2, we took an informal poll among festival-goers.

Thirty-two-year-old Hilary Hayes said the pop star’s performance last week sparked a debate at work. “In this generation, I would say she’s neck and neck with Michael in his heyday,” she said. “She could surpass him.”


“You can’t beat Michael, but she’s close,” said Kristin Edwards. “She’s definitely the best of our time.”

Dressed in a lemonade-yellow tunic, 24 year-old Isaac Miller gushed over Beyoncé’s flawless choreography and intricate vocals and implied it may be time to crown a new leader. “Michael Jackson has been held for the longest time as the best performer ever, however now [Beyoncé is] into her mid-30s and doing this extensive work,” he said. “I feel so disrespectful saying it, but I have to.”

Twenty-nine year-old Shelah Choyce found it difficult to compare the two. “The environment is different,” she said. “You can’t compare Prince to Michael Jackson, you can’t compare Michael Jackson to Beyoncé.”