Southern Section

State Championships
At Red Hill Country Club, Rancho Cucamonga (par 72)

Joanne Lee walked away from the state championship of girls’ golf barely able to control an ear-to-ear grin, bursting with excitement and hugging just about anyone within reach.

What a difference a year makes.

Lee, a sophomore from Belmont Carlmont, shot one-under-par 71 on Tuesday at Red Hill Country Club in Rancho Cucamonga and won the title that eluded her last year. Lee left the state tournament in tears after she made a bogey on the first hole of a sudden-death playoff with Amie Cochran of Torrance and finished second.

Tuesday, she had four birdies, including a sand wedge to within three feet on the 17th hole, and won the title by a shot over Grace Woo of Burbank. Angela Park of Torrance and Jennifer Osborn of Huntington Beach Marina finished three shots behind Lee at 74.

Torrey Pines, the San Diego Section champion, shot a total of 426 and won the team title by six strokes over Alhambra Keppel. Long Beach Wilson, which won the regional title Monday, was third with 441.

“I wanted to win this pretty bad,” Lee said. “Last year was hard, but this makes it better.”

Torrey Pines also got a taste of redemption. The Falcons, Southern California regional champions in 2000 and 2001, did not advance to the inaugural state finals last year. They played the regional without their top two players, who were at a national junior tournament in Florida.

Tuesday, those players led the charge. Alison Goodman and Angela King each shot a team-best 80 for Torrey Pines.

“It’s nice to be back in the winner’s circle,” said Torrey Pines Coach John Olive, whose team finished 16 strokes behind Wilson on Monday in the regional. “This certainly was not one of our better rounds, but obviouly this was a pretty tough course.”

The 6,007-yard course was among the longest the girls have played all season. The scoring average was 89.98 and included only six scores better than 80.

For Woo, the regional runner-up Monday, it was the second consecutive day in second place. She made the turn at one over, but chipped in from 15 yards away for birdie on No. 11 and followed with another on No. 12 to get to one under. She offset a bogey on No. 13 with a birdie on No. 15, but three-putted for bogey on No. 17.

“There were a few putts that didn’t go in, but I’m pretty happy,” Woo said.

Keppel also left content. The Aztecs qualified for the finals when defending champion Rolling Hills Estates Peninsula had a player disqualified at the regional and the Dolphins slid to fourth place. Tuesday, Kylie Kimura shot 79 and Tina Eng shot 82 to lead Keppel, which finished third in the state last year.

“This makes us feel a little better about the way we got in,” Keppel Coach Tony Sumida said. “At least it shows that we belonged.”

--Peter Yoon


426--TORREY PINES (Allison Goodman 80, Angela King 80, Kaitlin Drolson 82, Rita Alami 91, Lauren Neal 93).

432--KEPPEL (Kylie Kimura 79, Tina Eng 82, Dorothy Lee 89, Nikki Duong 90, Mindy Kimura 92).

441--LONG BEACH WILSON (Kimberly Punyasavatsut 79, Brianna Do 80, Noelle Zavaleta 87, Patty Chawalitmetha 90, Christine Workman 105).

460--DANVILLE MONTE VISTA (Michelle Hatsushi 83, Jane Lee 90, Sunny Zhang 92, Kelsey Fischer 92, Caroline Murray 109).

466--OAKLAND BISHOP O’DOWD (Emily Childs 81, Martha Burkard 84, Kaitlyn Sheehan 90, Sydney Fleming 102, Kim Green 103).

503--PLEASANTON AMADOR VALLEY (Lauren Oh 89, Micalann Cowan 101, Lauren Russman 101, Kelly McKeehan 105, Sarah Randall 107).


71--Joanne Lee, Belmont Carlmont.

72--Grace Woo, Burbank.

74--Angela Park, Torrance; Jennifer Osborn, Huntington Beach Marina.

79--Kylie Kimura, Keppel; Kimberly Punyasavatsut, Long Beach Wilson.

80--Christina Corpus, San Leandro; Angela King, Encinitas Torrey Pines; Brianna Do, Long Beach Wilson; Allison Goodman, Encinitas Torrey Pines.

81--Amber Kundskog, San Diego Scripps Ranch; Mia Kabasakalis, Oakland College Prep; Emily Childs, Oakland Bishop O’Dowd.

82--Kaitlin Drolson, Encinitas Torrey Pines; Tina Eng, Keppel.

83--Naomi Kim, Sunnyvale Fremont; Michelle Hatsushi, Danville Monte Vista.

84--Martha Burkard, Oakland Bishop O’Dowd.

86--Kylie Fuller, Chaparral.

87--Stacie Torre, Stockton Lincoln; Noelle Zavaleta, Long Beach Wilson.

89--Jacqueline Struck, Mission Viejo; Dorothy Lee, Keppel; Lauren Oh, Pleasanton Amador Valley.

90--Jane Lee, Danville Monte Vista; Patty Chawalitmetha, Long Beach Wilson; Nikki Duong, Keppel; Kaitlyn Sheehan, Oakland Bishop O’Dowd. 91--Rita Alami, Encinitas Torrey Pines.

92--Sunny Zhang, Danville Monte Vista; Bryana Gregory, Chico Pleasant Valley; Mindy Kimura, Keppel; Kelsey Fischer, Danville Monte Vista.

93--Lauren Neal, Encinitas Torrey Pines.

99--Kristin Cuthbertson, Encinitas Torrey Pines.

101--Micalann Cowan, Pleasanton Amador Valley; Lauren Russman, Pleasanton Amador Valley.

102--Sydney Fleming, Oakland Bishop O’Dowd.

103--Kim Green, Oakland Bishop O’Dowd.

105Kelly McKeehan, Pleasanton Amador Valley; Laura Nagle, Oakland Bishop O’Dowd; Christine Workman, Long Beach Wilson.

106--Sarah Whiteford, Long Beach Wilson.

107--Sarah Randall, Pleasanton Amador Valley.

109--Caroline Murray, Danvilla Monte Vista.

110--Emily Whisler, Danville Monte Vista.

111--Arielle Chong, Pleasanton Amador Valley.

DQ--Christina Liu, Keppel

Monday, Nov. 15

WSCGA, CIF Regional Championships
at SCGA Golf Course in Murrieta Valley, par 72

This time, the expectations for the Long Beach Wilson girls’ golf team were tempered.Perhaps that made the difference.

Wilson shot a five-player total of 397 at the SCGA Golf Course on Monday and won the California Interscholastic Federation-Women’s Southern California Golf Assn. regional championship by 16 shots over Torrey Pines.

Alhambra Keppel shot 417 for third place and the final berth in today’s state finals, to be played at Red Hill Country Club in Rancho Cucamonga. Amber Lundskog of San Diego Scripps Ranch shot six-under-par 66 to win the individual title by two shots over Grace Woo of Burbank.

Angela Park of Torrance shot 70 and Jennifer Osborn of Huntington Beach Marina, Jacqueline Struck of Mission Viejo and Kylie Fuller of Temecula Chaparral each shot 71 to also advanced to the state finals.

For Wilson, it was sweet redemption from 2002, when the Bruins entered the playoffs as the top-ranked team in the Southland but finished fifth in the Southern Section finals and did not advance to the regional.

“This makes up for it,” said junior Kimberly Punyasavatsut, who was a freshman on that team. “We were confident that we could make it to the state finals, but we didn’t really expect to win.”

Freshman Brianna Do led the Bruins scoring with a 73. Punyasavatsut and junior Patty Chawalitmetha each shot 78. Freshmen Noelle Zavaletta and Christine Workman rounded out the Bruins scoring with 83 and 85, respectively.

“Our freshmen really came through,” Wilson Coach Jim Ferguson said. “It’ one of our better rounds of the year, but it’s not totally unexpected. We’ve been under 200 for nine holes five times and we knew we were capable of this.”

Rolling Hills Estates Peninsula, the two-time defending champion and 2003 state champion, missed advancing by three shots. The Panthers had to count a 103 from No. 6 player Laura Lan because No. 5 player Lai Shan Lau was disqualified for improperly playing a ball that was out of bounds.Lau signed for a 95.

Lindskog, a senior headed for Vanderbilt next year, had seven birdies in her round. The second-team American Junior Golf Assn. All-American said iron play made the difference in a round that beat her career low by a shot.

“This is the type of course you have to manage well,” she said. “You have to keep the ball in the right position and I did that and gave myself a lot of opportunities.

--Peter Yoon


397-LONG BEACH WILSON (Brianna Do 73, Kimberly Punyasavatsut 78, Patty Chawalitmetha 78, Noelle Zavaleta 83, Christine Workman 85). 413-ENCINITAS TORREY PINES (Allison Goodman 70, Angela King 75, Kaitlin Drolson 79, Lauren Neal 94, Kristin Cuthbertson 95). 417-KEPPEL (Tina Eng 76, Mindy Kimura 79, Dorothy Lee 83, Kylie Kimura 88, Christina Liu 91).

420-PENINSULA (Stephanie Yocum 75, Mariko Makabe 79, Shannon Yocum 81, Marissa Steiner 82, Laura Lan 103); SAN CLEMENTE (Elsie Walker 76, Arielle Bowers 83, Ryann O’Toole 85, Brittany Fischer 88, Tedi Potter 88). 431-POWAY (Sarah Thead 74, Lindsey McAtee 82, Jessica Howe 85, Lea Schexnydre 88, Rachel Wagoner 102). 444-GRANADA HILLS (Angela Villela 78, Alyson Golditch 87, Gloria Park 90, Kate Anderson 94, Cristina Kubota 95).

470-CLOVIS (Jennifer Shipley 77, Jamie Harlan 82, Katie Lauria 95, Aimee Jackson 101, Liz Davidson 115). 499-BAKERSFIELD CENTENNIAL (Meggan Bellows 91, Dana Arneson 97, Chrissy Mettler 99, Brenna Keegan 103, Emily Becerra 109). 553-VENICE (Amy Watanabe 99, Christine Nguyen 104, Christine Harada 113, Ashlee Kitchin 116, Kristin Kim 121).


66-Amber Lundskog, San Diego Scripps Ranch. 68-Grace Woo, Burbank. 70-Allison Goodman, Encinitas Torrey Pines; Angela Park, Torrance. 71-Jacqueline Struck, Mission Viejo; Jennifer Osborn, Marina; Kylie Fuller, Chaparral.

72-Jennie Lee, Huntington Beach Edison. 73-Brianna Do, Long Beach Wilson; Natalie Draganza, Newport Harbor; Nicole Smith, King. 74-Emily Mason, Redlands East Valley; Sarah Thead, Poway; Jeehyun Park, Bonita Vista; Stephanie Arcala, Rancho Buena Vista; Lalita Patipaksiri, Cypress.

75-Stephanie Yocum, Peninsula; Henna Cho, Gahr; Danielle O’Neill, Quartz Hill; Angela King, Encinitas Torrey Pines. 76-Tina Eng, Keppel; Elsie Walker, San Clemente; Kimberly Johnson, San Diego Westview. 77-Nara Shin, Chula Vista; Heather Wilson, Chula Vista Hilltop; Jennifer Shipley, Clovis; Lizette Salas, Azusa.

78-Kimberly Punyasavatsut, Long Beach Wilson; Emily Balmbert, El Cajon Valhalla; Patty Chawalitmetha, Long Beach Wilson; Esther Choe, La Quinta; Melanie de Leon, Saugus; Angela Villela, Granada Hills; Eryn Williams, Visalia Mt. Whitney. 79-Mariko Makabe, Peninsula; Kaitlin Drolson, Encinitas Torrey Pines; Mindy Kimura, Keppel; Jessica Yam, San Diego Rancho Bernardo; Syndee Michaels, Linfield Christian.

80-Songyi Yi, San Diego Rancho Bernardo; Cara Freeman, Capistrano Valley; Sarah Salvo, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame. 81-Shannon Yocum, Peninsula; Sara Ovadia, Dos Pueblos; Justine Chen, Sage Hill; Paula Kerdpinyo, L.A. Marshall.

82-Taylor Siebert, Selma; Marissa Steiner, Peninsula; Lee Lopez, La Serna; Petra Cole, Santee West Hills; Faith de Guzman, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame; Jamie Harlan, Clovis; Lindsey McAtee, Poway. 83-Lucy McGovern, San Diego University; Dorothy Lee, Keppel; Hannah Shin, Villa Park; Noelle Zavaleta, Long Beach Wilson; Arielle Bowers, San Clemente; Kathy Suarez, Santa Margarita; Dacia Dyer, Lemoore Kings Christian.

84-Whitney Yano, Kingsburg; Sarah Fogerty, Point Loma. 85-Taryn Kudia, South Torance; Jessica Howe, Poway; Ryann O’Toole, San Clemente; Lalita Boonnopparnkul, North Hollywood; Christine Workman, Long Beach Wilson. 86-Kim Hazel, North Torrance. 87-Tori Leon, L.A. Franklin; Alyson Golditch, Granada Hills; Kim Keaton, Granada Hills Kennedy.

88-Lea Schexnydre, Poway; Darlene Bognot, North Hills Monroe; Brittany fischer, San Clemente; Kylie Kimura, Keppel; Tedi Potter, San Clemente. 89-Sara Ansolabehere, North Bakersfield; Ashley Dyer, Lemoore Kings Christian.

90-Gloria Park, Granada Hills. 91-Christina Liu, Keppel; Vanessa Tamez, Reedley; Maurissa Medina, Clovis East; Reina Rogers, Oxnard; Meggan Bellows, Bakersfield Centennial. 92-Nikki Duong, Keppel; Mary Oliver, North Hills Monroe; Tiffany Derksen, Reedley Immanuel. 93-Marie Harlan, Clovis East; Jessica Rodgers, Kingsburg.

94-Lauren Neal, Encinitas Torrey Pines; Kate Anderson, Granada Hills. 95-Katie Lauria, Clovis; Kristin Cuthbertson, Torrey Pines; Cristina Kubota, Granada Hills. 97-Dana Arneson, Bakersfield Centennial. 98-Rita Alami, Encinitas Torrey Pines; Jennifer Kim, L.A. Marshall; Chrissy Mettler, Bakersfield Centennial; Amy Watanabe, Venice.

100-Sarah Whiteford, Long Beach Wilson; Lana Cox, San Clemente; Kerry Burke, Palisades. 101-Aimee Jackson, Clovis; Jessica Radon, Stockdale. 102-Rachel Wagoner, Poway; Tracy Jang, Van Nuys. 103-Laura Lan, Peninsula; Brenna Keegan, Bakersfield Centennial. 104-Christine Nguyen.

106-Melisa Segil, Poway. 108--Jennifer Cho, Granada Hills. 109-Emily Becerra, Bakersfield Centennial. 110-Kristy Gonzalez, Bakersfield Centennial, 111-Stephanie Foster, Palisades. 113-Christine Harada, Venice. 114-Hannah Chong, Chatsworth. 115-Liz Davidson, Clovis. 116-Ashlee Kitchin, Venice. 118-Lindsey Ware, Clovis. 121-Kristin Kim, Venice. 123-Anotionette Ancieto, Chatsworth. DQ-Kuriko Sakai, Venice; Lai Shan Lau, Peninsula.

Note: Top three teams and top six individuals advance to state championships today at Red Hill Country Club in Rancho Cucamonga.