Southern Section

Monday, Nov. 24


At The Claremont Club


Peninsula 11, Beverly Hills 7
Senior Macall Harkins and junior Paige Weber gave up only four games in three sets and Rolling Hills Estates Peninsula won eight of nine doubles sets to beat Beverly Hills at The Claremont Club.

The victory was a return to glory for the top-seeded Panthers (23-0), who advanced to the division final 11 consecutive times before being eliminated in the quarterfinals last season. It is Peninsula's 11th section title.

"This year, we had the players, and I think we were all focused on this," Harkins said. "We didn't want to end up losing again."

The loss was the third of the season by Beverly Hills (16-3) to Peninsula, and the title-match defeat was the Normans' second in a row. They fell to Calabasas in last year's final.

Despite a 6-3 first-round upset of Peninsula's top player, Alex Jurewitz, by Beverly Hills' No. 2 player Tova Hausman, the Panthers took an early 4-2 advantage, and led, 8-4, after the second round. Hausman and Beverly Hills' No. 1 Riza Zalameda each won three sets to give the Normans six of nine in singles.
--Lauren Peterson

SINGLES--Tania Mahtani, P, lost to Riza Zalameda, 6-3, lost to Tova Hausman, 6-3, d. Natalie Eidelman, 6-0; Alex Jurewitz, P, lost to Zalameda, 6-2, lost to Hausman, 6-3, d. Eidelman, 6-2; Heather Zinkiewicz, P, lost to Riza Zalameda, 6-0, lost to Hausman, 6-1, d. Eidelman, 6-3.

DOUBLES--Macall Harkins-Paige Weber, P, d. Tessa Tran-Anna Litovsky, 6-2, d. Stephanie Ellis-Liana Babich, 6-1, d. Vivian Yoon-Jade Sherman, 6-1; Rika Tatsuno-Stephanie Chen, P, lost to Tran-Litovsky, 6-3, d. Ellis-Babich, 6-2, d. Yoon-Sherman, 6-3; Erica Schweyer-Emily Aston, P, d. Tran-Litovsky, 6-3, d. Ellis-Babich, 6-3, d. Yoon-Sherman, 6-0.

Records: Peninsula 23-0; Beverly Hills 16-3.


Santa Barbara 9, Troy 9 (Santa Barbara wins on games, 74-70)
Freshmen Kristin Teufel and Bethany Miller swept, 6-1, 6-1, 6-1, at No. 3 doubles for second-seeded Santa Barbara, which edged top-seeded Fullerton Troy on games to win its first CIF championship in 22 years.

The Dons (18-2) led, 8-4, after the first two rotations of round-robin play, but Troy won five out of the last six sets and total games were counted to determine the winner.

"Our strategy was to stack doubles and hope we could pick up a few points in singles," said Santa Barbara sophomore Roxanne Teti, who swept at No. 2 doubles with partner Lizzie Collector.

Kelly Hart, who normally plays No. 1 or No. 2 doubles for the Dons, played No. 1 singles to fill the spot of No. 3 singles player Kristen Franz, who was away on a ski trip. Hart and the Don's best player, Whitney Peterson, both defeated Vaidehi Mahadev, 6-2, for Santa Barbara's only two singles points.

Cosmina Ciobanu swept, 6-0, 6-1, 6-0, at No. 1 singles and Clare Fermin swept, 6-1, 7-5, 6-1, at No. 2 singles for Troy (20-4), which was playing in its fifth consecutive Section final. Alvenna Lee, the Warriors' best doubles player, left on a cruise the night before the finals and her partner, Zara Randera teamed with Justine Vicaldo to win one set.
--Steve Galluzzo

SINGLES_Kelly Hart, SB, d. Vaidehi Mahadev, 6-2, lost to Cosmina Ciobanu, 6-0; Sara Weinstein, SB, lost to Clare Fermin, 6-1; Whitney Peterson, SB, d. Mahadev, 6-2, lost to Ciobanu, 6-1, lost to Fermin, 7-5; Melanie Peitzke, SB, lost to Mahadev, 7-5, lost to Ciobanu, 6-0, lost to Fermin, 6-1.

DOUBLES_Raleigh Clemens-Brooke Roberson, SB, d. Tiffany Huyn-Ally Schluter, 6-2, lost to Tiffany Cheng-Auni Patel, 6-3, lost to Zara Randera-Justine Vicaldo, 6-4; Lizzie Collector-Roxanne Teti, SB, d. Huyn-Schluter, 6-3, d. Cheng-Patel, 6-1, d. Randera-Vicaldo, 6-1; Kristin Teufel-Bethany Miller, SB, d. Huyn-Schluter, 6-1, d. Cheng-Patel, 6-1, d. Randera-Vicaldo, 6-1.

Records: Santa Barbara 18-2; Troy 20-4.


Campbell Hall 10, Long Beach Poly 8
The No. 2 team of Cheyenne Reveche and Kimberly DeLeon gave up just one game in three sets to lead a doubles sweep and Daron Moore posted the only singles victory as the Vikings (21-0) won the Division III title, the school's first by a girls' team.

Reveche and DeLeon, playing together for the first time this season in a successful attempt to ensure the Vikings' doubles sweep, were the most dominant team for Campbell Hall. They won their sets, 6-1, 6-0, 6-0, and the Vikings surrendered just six games in nine sets.

Moore, a senior headed to Tennessee, played No. 1 singles and clinched the match with a dramatic 7-6 (3) victory over the Mindy King, the No. 3 player for Long Beach Poly (18-3). Moore rallied from a 3-1 deficit to force a tiebreaker, which she won in impressive fashion after taking a 6-1 lead at one point.
--Lauren Peterson

SINGLES_Daron Moore, CH, lost to Ivana King, 6-1, lost to Vania King, 6-0, d. Mindy King, 7-6 (3); Ally Krasnopolsky, CH, lost to I. King, 6-3, lost to V. King, 6-2, lost to M. King, 6-3; Christina Cunningham, CH, lost to I. King, 6-0, lost to V. King, 6-0, lost to M. King, 6-0.

DOUBLES_Yena Kim-Lauren Shearer, CH, d. Gina Vitale-Catherine Saade, 6-3, d. Heidi Boettger-Camille Rye, 6-0, d. Nancy Doan-Nicole Cababa, 6-1; Cheyenne Reveche-Kimberly De Leon, 6-1, d. Vitale-Saade, 6-1, d. Boettger-Rye, 6-0, d. Doan-Cababa, 6-0; Alison Wagner-Katarina Reveche, CH, d. Vitale-Saade, 6-1, d. Boettger-Rye, 6-0, d. Doan-Cababa, 6-0.

Records: Campbell Hall 21-0; Long Beach Poly 18-3.


Oxnard 12, St. Bonaventure 6
Mykala Hedberg and Falon Lopez each swept three singles sets and Natalie Tejada and Camille Whittingham swept at No. 1 doubles for second-seeded Oxnard, which won its first CIF title and snapped defending champion St. Bonaventure's 43-match winning streak.

"We were the top seed and lost in the semifinals last year and that really stuck in our craw," Oxnard coach Jack Dalton said. "Our motto this year was to make things right."

Dalton broke up last year's top doubles team of Natalie Tejada and Maria Sanchez into two formidable teams, pairing Tejada with Camille Whittingham and Sanchez with her younger sister, Fatima. Tejada and Whittingham swept at No. 1 and the Sanchez sisters won two out of three at No. 2 doubles for the Yellowjackets (17-3).
--Steve Galluzzo

SINGLES_Mykala Hedberg, O, d. Katie Callaghan, 6-4, d. Raine Mitchell, 6-0, d. Camella Adams, 6-0; Falon Lopez, O, d. Callaghan, 6-4, d. Mitchell, 6-2, d. Adams, 6-0; Kim Burchmore, O, lost to Callaghan, 6-0, lost to Mitchell, 6-1, d. Adams, 6-2.

DOUBLES_Natalie Tejada-Camille Whittingham, O, d. Allie Umon-Jamie Draine, 6-3, d. Kelsey Ferguson-Erin Redoutey, 6-1, d. Courtney Elkins-Chantelle Limon, 6-1; Maria Sanchez-Fatima Sanchez, O, lost to Umon-Draine, 6-1, d. Ferguson-Redoutey, 6-2, d. Elkins-Limon, 6-4; Justine Cornejo-Luca Van Der Kraan, O, lost to Umon-Draine, 6-2, lost to Ferguson-Redoutey, 6-4, lost to Elkins-Limon, 6-1.

Records: Oxnard 18-3; St. Bonaventure 19-1.


Malibu 11, Savanna 7
The fourth-seeded Sharks won all nine singles sets and sisters Megan and Casey Zweig picked up two key doubles sets as Malibu (18-2) won the Division V championship, the school's first in girls' tennis.

Frontier League singles champion Kelly Stewart and freshmen Chelsea Mosser and Dalya Perelman combined on the singles sweep. The Zweigs defeated Jene Mendoza and Bianca Tobias, 6-2, to give the Sharks a 7-5 lead after the second round of round-robin play. Their 6-0 victory over Savanna's top team of Lyna Ngo and Jully Jose in the third round gave the Sharks their ninth point and Mosser defeated Hanhtien Nguyen, 6-1, to clinch the title in the next set to be completed.

No. 2-seeded Savanna (22-1), making its first appearance in a division final, got a three-set sweep by its No. 2 doubles team of seniors Pearl Parker and Kristina Moran.
--Lauren Peterson

SINGLES_Kelly Stewart, M, d. Hanhtien Nguyen, 6-0, d. Carla Dyquiangco, 6-1, d. Kathy Cuevas, 6-0; Chelsea Mosser, M, d. Nguyen, 6-1, d. Dyquiangco, 6-3, d. Cuevas, 6-0; Dalya Perelman, M, d. Nguyen, 6-0, d. Dyquiangco, 6-3, d. Cuevas, 6-1.

DOUBLES_Nina Farag-Allison Sarmiento, M, lost to Lyna Ngo-Jully Jose, 7-6 (5); Alex Hogesfyn-Kagy Paget, M, lost to Pearl Parker-Kristina Moran, 6-3, lost to Jene Mendoza-Bianca Tobias, 6-4; Megan Zweig-Casey Zweig, M, d. Ngo-Jose, 6-0, lost to Parker-Moran, 7-5, d. Mendoza-Tobias, 6-2; Lisa-Marie Kohrs-Natisse Nizic, M, lost to Ngo-Jose, 7-5, lost to Parker-Moran, 6-4, lost to Mendoza-Tobias, 6-1.

Records: Malibu 18-2; Savanna 22-1.