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Sonia Nazario ("One Door Opens, Another Closes," page 16) is a Times staff writer who won a Pulitzer Prize for the series of stories that are the foundation of her forthcoming book, "Enrique's Journey: The Story of a Boy's Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite With His Mother."

Susan Meiselas (Cover, "One Door Opens" photos) is an award-winning photographer best known for her work in Central America. Her most recent book is "Encounters With the Dani," an indigenous people.

Jason Alexander (The Rules of Hollywood, page 14) is a star of stage and screens both large and small. He also oversees AngelArk Entertainment.

Kenneth Turan ("The Most Fiendish Face in Movies," page 24) is a Times film critic and the author of "Never Coming to a Theater Near You." He is writing a biography of Lon Chaney.

Roberto Parada ("Fiendish Face" illustration) has done work for Playboy and Rolling Stone.

Michael Goldstein ("The Other Beating," page 28) has written for the New York Daily News and others.

Michael Kelley ("Beating" photo) has done work for Esquire and British Vogue.

Marci Vogel (California Story, page 31) writes a weekly column in the Culver City News.

Linda Burum ("Hue Hot Broth," page 34) writes regularly for The Times' Food section.

Andrew Vontz ("Hanoi Heart Throbs," page 36) writes for Outside and Rolling Stone.

David Lansing ("Fast, but Not Furious," page 38) writes about wine and spirits for The Times.

Gregg Segal ("Hanoi" and "Fast" photos) has done work for Esquire, Dwell, GQ and others.