How to keep cool during L.A.’s Super Bowl LVI heat advisory

An illustration shows a sun in sunglasses with football, trophy, umbrella, mugs of beer and a poultry drumstick.
(Ross May / Los Angeles Times)

Welcome to California’s infamous heat waves, Super Bowl fans. Whether you live in L.A. or are visiting for the weekend, the next few days are expected to be unseasonably hot.

For those who are looking for ways to stay cool before or after the big game, we’ve scouted the best locations to find shade and have some poolside fun. Planning to attend or host an outdoor Super Bowl party or backyard barbecue in the coming days? We’ve got the perfect recipes for you. Or if you’re looking to take your pregame tailgating to a local establishment, below you’ll find restaurants and bars that will keep you protected from the L.A. sun. Here are a few more recommendations.

While the game will come and go this weekend, Angelenos know that this won’t be the last heatwave of the year. So we’ve also included tips and tricks to help your community — whether it be your kids, pets, neighbors or even your plants — stay safe and cool.

Try out these ideas when the sun is just coming on too strong, then let us know if you have other ideas for dealing with the heat this summer.