How to beat the L.A. heat: What to do, where to go, what to eat and how to help

Illustration of a sun emoji wearing sunglasses and surrounded by clouds
(Ross May / Los Angeles Times; Apple)

Love the L.A. sun but not overly psyched about the heat that’s been coming with it? We feel the same. So — as we contemplate record-breaking heat waves becoming a routine part of life in the Golden State — we’ve gathered our best tips for staying cool (besides finding a place with AC).

For those who are looking for ways to spend time in the great outdoors without falling prey to the sun’s rays, we’ve scouted the best locations for shade and poolside fun. Planning meals also doesn’t have to abide by the temperature outside. From recipes to restaurants, we’ve got ideas below for how to satisfy your cravings even on the hottest of days. And while you’re planning your days in the shade, don’t forget to check in on those around you. Whether it be your kids, pets, neighbors or even your plants, we’ve got all of the tips and tricks to help your community stay safe and cool.

Try out these ideas when the sun is just coming on too strong, and then let us know if you have other ideas for dealing with the heat this summer.

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