Hunter shoots deer with bow and arrow in Monrovia neighborhood

A man was caught on camera shooting a young deer with a bow and arrow near homes in Monrovia last week, upsetting residents of the hillside community.

“I couldn’t believe it. I’m like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” Chuck Tapert, who caught the incident on his home surveillance camera, told CBS Los Angeles. “Somebody took a shot at a deer right in front of our house in a residential neighborhood?”

The video shows an archer shooting a deer in a forested area next to Tapert’s house, followed by the deer running away down the street. The deer then died.

Monrovia police said they were notified of the incident on Saturday morning, and that the suspect has since been identified and found. Police said it’s illegal to shoot deer within city limits.


Several media outlets identified the suspect as Michael Rodriguez.

Rodriguez told CBS L.A. that he first shot the animal in the forest, but the buck didn’t die because he hit it near its spine. He followed the deer into the residential neighborhood so he could kill it.

“I was following up a wounded animal and taking him out so he wasn’t suffering anymore,” Rodriguez said.

Officials from the state Department of Fish and Wildlife will determine whether Rodriguez will face charges, police said.

Rodriguez told CBS L.A. that the deer is now in his freezer and will be used to feed his family.

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