For the record

Hueneme school district: An article in the Dec. 19 LATExtra section about the Hueneme Elementary School District’s actions in the case of a slain gay student said the district agreed to settle a lawsuit with the family of the student, Larry King, for more than $250,000. The school district contributed $25,000 to a $255,000 settlement between the King family and several defendants.

Kim Jong Il: An article in the Dec. 19 Section A about the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il gave conflicting details about his age. He was reported as being 69, his age according to the government. Also, his birth date was reported as Feb. 16, 1941, which would have made him 70. Although that is believed to be when he was born, government propaganda says it was a year later.

Irwindale shooting: An item in the Page 1 index in the Dec. 17 Section A erred in saying a man with a rifle had opened fire at Southern California Edison offices in Irwindale. As reported in the full article, in the LATExtra section, the weapon recovered at the scene was a semiautomatic handgun.

Lisa Ling: A Dec. 3 Home section article about TV journalist Lisa Ling’s new Santa Monica house attributed a painting in her bedroom to Qi Baishi. The painting pictured with the article was done by Zhang Xiaogang.