Vin Scully's final Dodger broadcasts will be heard by all of Southern California

Vin Scully's final Dodger broadcasts will be heard by all of Southern California
Vin Scully calls a Dodgers spring training game at Camelback Ranch in Phoenix on March 25. (Tom Tingle / Arizona Republic)

Good morning. It is Saturday, Sept. 3. Here's what you don't want to miss this weekend:



Ruin: Jill and Kent Easter's marriage is over. Their money is gone. Would a jury now make them pay for what they did to Kelli Peters? It's the conclusion of reporter Christopher Goffard's six-part series titled "Framed." Los Angeles Times

Botched investigation: A student athlete is suing the University of San Diego for allegedly mishandling her rape investigation. "They treated me like I was the one who had done something wrong," said the student, identified as "Niki." An attorney for the university disputes the student's version of events. San Diego Union-Tribune

End of an era: KTLA will air Vin Scully's last six regular-season games with the Dodgers. He's considered the greatest broadcaster in baseball history but most of Southern California has been unable to hear him since games moved to the Dodgers' SportsNet LA channel. The station will air "Vin Scully Appreciation Night" tributes before the Sept. 23 game. Los Angeles Times

Calling for a recall: Rep. Loretta Sanchez appeared on TMZ Live to make the case for recalling Judge Aaron Persky, who sentenced former Stanford student Brock Turner to six months in jail for a sexual assault. TMZ

Hollywood diversity: The transgender community mobilized this week to draw attention to Hollywood's practice of hiring male actors to portray transgender women. "The decision to put yet another man in a dress to portray a transgender woman touches a nerve for transgender people, and rightfully so. It's yet another painful reminder that, in the eyes of so many people, transgender women are really just men." Hollywood Reporter

Energy plans: One problem with renewable energy sources like solar and wind is storage. To that end, there's a proposal to build a 1,300-megawatt hydroelectric project in Desert Center. But critics worry the project will deplete the arid landscape of badly needed water. TakePart

State fabric: One writer is less than impressed with California's declaration that denim is the official state fabric. Slate

Food for all: Chef D. Brandon Walker is serving up gourmet meals at Bread and Roses Café in Venice Beach. That's noteworthy because the cafe provides free meals to the homeless. "I never had to question whether or not I was making a difference," Walker says. GOOD Magazine

Car culture: Carpooling options offered by Uber and Lyft may be gaining traction in Los Angeles. But is it enough to convince a large number of Angelenos to give up their cars? BuzzFeed

What's that noise: Forty-four years after they started running, transportation officials have figured out how to cut down the shrieking noise made by BART trains. They will shave the metal wheels by two millimeters. Wired


1. Re-read the first five chapters of "Framed" from reporter Christopher Goffard. Los Angeles Times

2. Who knew quicksand was a real threat in Southern California? Press-Enterprise

3. A look at what is inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland. Los Angeles Magazine


4. The last day of the 6th Street Bridge. Facebook

5. Hallelujah! The California Incline reopened this week after a 15-month construction project. Curbed LA


Community policing: LAPD officers have spent years reaching out to families living on the city's Eastside. But slowly, crime is creeping back up. "Spread over just six square miles, Boyle Heights has had more fatal on-duty police shootings this year than any other neighborhood in Los Angeles, according to data compiled by The Times." Los Angeles Times

Working on my fitness: A scene from the trendiest workout in Malibu. New Yorker

A protest: Long before Colin Kaepernick sat, this L.A. teacher stood up to authority in an anthem protest. Los Angeles Times

A mirage: WrkRiot turned the Silicon Valley dream into a nightmare. New York Times


Tuesday: The Los Angeles Rams will host its annual "Kickoff for Charity" luncheon.


Wednesday: The California Coastal Commission will meet in Newport Beach to discuss the proposed Banning Ranch project.

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