Firefighters at Disneyland after workers complain of odor, illness

<i>This post has been updated. See the note below for details.</i>

Anaheim firefighters were dispatched to Disneyland on Friday after six people reportedly complained of an odor and being sick.

The Anaheim Fire Department tweeted around 1:30 p.m. that firefighters were at the scene, but said it was not being treated as a hazardous materials spill.

“Complaint of an odor. We’re investigating. More to follow,” the tweet said.

It was not known if the incident was ride- or food-related, Anaheim Police Lt. Tim Schmidt told KTLA-TV.


Disneyland had not provided information to police, Schmidt added.

[Updated 2:05 p.m. PDT March 28: The fire department posted on Twitter that the incident involved four employees who were complaining of nausea due to the smell of paint. They were taken to area hospitals as a precaution. No park guests were affected, the department said.]

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