Scorching hot days to begin with temperatures hitting 105 in valleys


A stretch of sweltering hot days in Southern California will begin with a bang Thursday as temperatures are expected to climb to 105 in Woodland Hills.

In Los Angeles County, temperatures will increase 10 to 12 degrees over the next four days in the valleys due to building high pressure, according to meteorologist Dave Bruno of the National Weather Service. Temperatures could hit 108 in the valleys and deserts.

That means the valley weather could be record-breaking with temperatures expected to stay at least 100 degrees from Friday to Sunday.

While Southern California will be hot and dry, the good news is that it won’t be humid and gusty, Bruno said. 


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“The only saving grace is that it’s not going to be humid,” he said.

For firefighters, the lack of winds could help the threat of fire, which is already heightened due to the heat and low humidity, Bruno said.

The upside to the next four days of heat is that temperatures at the beaches could hit 85 degrees.


“The beaches will be gorgeous,” he said.

The scorching temperatures could continue until Monday. By Tuesday, Southern Californians will notice a temperature drop as cooler weather moves in and the heat wave recedes.

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