LAPD willing to investigate Bill Cosby sex assault allegations

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said Thursday that his department is prepared to investigate any accusations brought forth against performer Bill Cosby, even if the alleged incidents occurred beyond the legal deadline for any prosecution.

Beck told reporters that no allegations involving the embattled comedian have been brought to the Los Angeles Police Department.

But he noted that although a potential investigation wouldn’t result in criminal charges, it could be used in a civil trial “or a number of other things.”

“We don’t turn people away because things are out of statute. You come to us, especially with a sexual allegation, we will work with you,” the chief said. “We address these things seriously, and it’s not just because it’s Mr. Cosby.”


L.A. County Sheriff’s Department officials have no ongoing investigation into Cosby either, Capt. Shaun Mathers said Wednesday.

More than a dozen women have publicly accused the 77-year-old comedian of sexually assaulting them, many alleging the incidents occurred decades ago.

On Tuesday, a woman filed a lawsuit against the comedian in L.A. County Superior Court, alleging he assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974, when she was 15 years old.

A day later, three women spoke to reporters alongside attorney Gloria Allred. The women said they were attacked or groped by the comedian in the 1970s or 1980s.

Allred called on Cosby to either waive the statute of limitations for civil litigation or put $100 million into a fund and allow a panel of retired judges to determine the validity of his accusers’ claims.

Cosby was sued in 2005 after a Temple University staffer accused him of sexual assault the year before. Thirteen women came forward with similar stories, according to published reports, but the staffer settled with the comedian out of court.

The allegations gained new momentum in October, after a comedian made fun of Cosby’s fatherly image in light of the accusations. More women have made new accusations in the weeks since.

The allegations sparked a backlash against the comedian. Two of Cosby’s television projects have been halted, many of his on-stage appearances have been canceled, and reruns of his much-revered “The Cosby Show” have been yanked from airing on the TV Land channel.

On Thursday, two of Cosby’s upcoming performances in New York were postponed, and the U.S. Navy revoked his title of honorary chief petty officer.

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