Marines face charges of rape, kidnapping, domestic abuse and drug possession


Two Camp Pendleton-based Marines have pleaded guilty to rape and drug possession, and four others face criminal charges including solicitation of prostitution, domestic abuse and kidnapping.

Lance Cpl. Calixto Gonzalez Jr. was charged with sexually assaulting two Marines on Sept. 8 and another on Nov. 10 of last year, according to his charge sheets released under the federal Freedom of Information Act. At least one of the women was unconscious, according to documents.

Gonzalez, a data systems administrator, pleaded guilty May 31 to three counts of sexual assault and was sentenced to four years in prison, a dishonorable discharge and reduction in rank to private.


“Sexual assault is a serious crime and is incompatible with our Marine Corps’ core values,” 1st Lt. Adam Miller, spokesman for 1st Marine Logistics Group, said by email.

Cpl. Richard B. Sawyer of the 7th Engineer Support Battalion pleaded guilty May 2 to possessing drug paraphernalia and cocaine, according to his charge sheet. No longer in confinement, Sawyer was reduced to the rank of private and will receive a bad conduct discharge from the Corps.

Pvt. Jordan D. Anderson, a finance technician, is charged with soliciting prostitution, firearms crimes, stealing military property, obstructing justice and marijuana abuse, according to his charge sheet. He is awaiting an Aug. 6 court-martial.

Anderson is accused of soliciting prostitution for money on several occasions between June and December of last year, according to his charge sheet. He is also accused of seeking naked pictures from an unnamed woman and sending a lewd photograph of himself.

Cpl. Michael J. Williamson, an engineer equipment operator, is accused of beating his former girlfriend, a Marine sergeant at Camp Pendleton, on Dec. 30, according to his charge sheet.

Williamson’s charge sheet alleges that he dragged the woman to the floor of her bed, pushed her against a wall, covered her mouth and nose and choked her with his hand.


He remains in confinement pending a court-martial scheduled Monday.

Hospitalman Henry L. McGill is accused of conspiring with a Marine friend to kidnap McGill’s civilian adult girlfriend near Vista on Sept. 5 and take her to Mexico, according to his charge sheet.

Although he was ordered to stay away from the woman, McGill is accused of pointing an unloaded firearm at her, squeezing her arms and pushing her head and choking her neck, according to his charge sheet.

McGill remains in confinement pending court-martial on July 30.

The most senior Marine awaiting court-martial is Gunnery Sgt. Shawn C. Moulton, a noncommissioned officer in Combat Logistics Battalion 7, according to his charge sheets.

Moulton, an 18-year veteran of the Corps, engaged in a forbidden relationship with a junior Marine, prosecutors allege. Moulton’s trial is slated to begin Aug. 20.

Prine writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune.