After police pursuit in Santa Monica, jig is up for pig

Pig chase
Santa Monica police and animal control officers have Sophie the pig cornered in front of a garage Thursday.
(Santa Monica Police Department)

The pursuit was short -- but so was the suspect. She had a round belly and pink skin, and her body was covered with short, wiry hairs.

Santa Monica police took Sophie the pig into custody without incident Wednesday afternoon after officers received multiple calls about a hog “roaming” a neighborhood, the department said.

As the Police Department said in a post on its Facebook page: “This doesn’t happen every day in Santa Monica.”

Park rangers and officers searched the area after several residents spotted the meandering swine, the post said. They safely captured her -- a photo showed four officers approaching Sophie as she held her ground in front of a garage -- and took her to the Santa Monica Animal Shelter. 

Officials said Thursday that Sophie’s owner had been located and she will soon be heading home, the post said.

Police also revealed how the pursuit began.

“In case you’re wondering,” the post said, “Sophie was visiting a friend’s house when she escaped.”

It remains unclear if the piggy will stay home.

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