What the LAPD says happened at the Nipsey Hussle memorial

The Los Angeles Police Department provided more details about the chaos at Monday’s memorial for slain rapper Nipsey Hussle, saying a man with a gun appears to have sparked a stampede that left several people hurt.

Officials attempted to dispel rumors and incorrect information regarding the violence.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said at a news conference Tuesday that no shots appear to have been fired at the vigil.

Two women who arrived at a hospital at around 11 p.m. that night said they had been shot, Moore said.

They initially reported that they were at a different location, then said they were at the vigil.


An LAPD commander who was at the vigil did not hear any gunfire, Moore said.

But a man in the crowd was armed with a handgun and may have set off the stampede by brandishing it.

He did not shoot it, but someone attempted to disarm him, and people who caught sight of the weapon ran, Moore said.

A Los Angeles Fire Department official said at least 10 people were taken to hospitals, including two patients in critical condition, after an inaccurate report of shots being fired. 

In the panic, some tripped and fell, suffering cuts and sprains, Moore said.

One person may have been stabbed.

Moore praised the restraint of the police officers who tried to control the situation.

Bottles were thrown at some officers, and a sergeant had to have sutures on a wound to his hand, Moore said.

The LAPD is working with community leaders to clean the area, protect the memorial and make it safe for visitors, Moore said.

While a member of the crowd shared some words on the late rapper, dozens of people who had gathered outside Hussle’s store started running away. People fell on top of each other as they tried to flee amid the dense crowd, many of whom lost their shoes along the way.

Numerous police cars and ambulances raced to the scene as officers yelled at people to leave the area.

The Los Angeles Fire Department took 19 people to hospitals.

A Los Angeles Times reporter at the scene was also trampled when the crowd ran.