Mark Steven Demos

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Banking and Finance 2022 profiles

Crowe LLP
Professional Services

Mark Steven Demos began his career in public accounting almost 20 years ago with Crowe LLP in Michigan. Crowe is the premier public accounting firm serving the financial services industry, serving more banks and bank holding companies than any other firm. After relocating to New Jersey, he was an early member of the team that built Crowe’s New York Metro practice. In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles to build Crowe’s physical presence in California.

In 2020, Demos was named Crowe’s office managing partner for the offices located in Los Angeles. He was also named one of L.A.’s most influential executives in 2021 for his focus on the financial services industry. His clients include commercial banks and credit unions ranging from $600 million in total assets to over $10 billion in assets, as well as broker dealers, mortgage banks, and specialty finance companies.