Michael Sitrick

micheal sitrick

Founder, Chairman & CEO
Sitrick And Co.
Professional Services

Michael Sitrick has been the go-to strategic communications executive for the banking and finance industries worldwide for more than three decades. While internationally recognized for the results he has achieved in crisis situations, he and his firm have also been recognized for their success in launching companies (i.e. Oaktree Capital), helping companies to go both public and private, helping them to grow, restoring the reputations of corporations and individuals, help to right wrongs, and assist companies and individuals navigate difficult, potentially catastrophic situations that could destroy their reputations, if not the companies or the individuals themselves. The strategy he developed in one situation saved a company and its 29,000 jobs.

Since founding his firm Sitrick And Company 33 years ago, Sitrick and his partners have assisted more than 2,000 clients, including publicly traded and private companies, municipalities, celebrities, financial firms and even presidential candidates.