Ali Borowsky

OC Visionaries 2022

Founder & CEO
Find Your Anchor

A remarkable example of resilience, compassion and inspiration, Ali Borowsky serves as founder and CEO of Find Your Anchor. After surviving multiple suicide attempts, she turned her pain into action, creating Find Your Anchor as a suicide prevention nonprofit utilizing little blue boxes (“mental health first aid kits”) to help individuals around the world. Borowsky saw a need in the world that wasn’t being met - the need for a resource that eschewed the sterility of a hospital pamphlet - and decided to meet it herself. The result was Find Your Anchor, a nonprofit that has touched the lives of people throughout Southern California and around the world. Her work is inspiring, not just because it has touched over 38,000 people, but because she has found a way to infuse mental health resources with personal connection, creativity and more than a touch of humanity.