Isidro Miramontes

OC Visionaries 2022

Miramontes Capital

Sid Miramontes owns an award-winning financial services company that serves in the family office space. He and his team help business owners with wealth management, commercial insurance, capital raise and tax strategies. With 25 years in the business, Miramontes is also the author of two books and owns a cryptofund that hedges bitcoin and offers investors downside protection while accumulating bitcoin. Back in 1995, he was meeting with a financial advisor who he was told was the best in the area. The entire meeting lasted 15 minutes and left Miramontes feeling unheard. After the meeting, he asked for the advisor’s boss’ contact information. He eventually sat down with this advisor’s boss and told him he felt he could do the job better. As a result, he was hired that day and eventually became a financial advisor. Since then, Miramontes has earned just about every award available to financial advisors.