Janet Fohrman

OC Visionaries 2022

Founder & CEO
Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc.

Janet Fohrman has been serving nonprofits in the areas of accounting and financial management for over 20 years. As founder and CEO of Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., she has supported hundreds of nonprofit organizations in Southern California and beyond in pursuit of their missions. As a leader she has embodied the values of compassion, integrity, and accountability in her extensive work with nonprofit boards, staff, volunteers and other service providers. She has taught nonprofit accounting courses and spoken to diverse groups on topics such as fraud prevention, sustainability and grants management - all vital topics that have been sorely under-addressed in the nonprofit sector for the last 20 years. More recently, she showed exemplary leadership by becoming an expert in Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Loans for nonprofits and offered her expertise to help nonprofits stay afloat through the pandemic, understand the PPP funds and how to maximize their use.