Kelsey Rae Morgan

OC Visionaries 2022

Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer

In 2015, Kelsey Rae Morgan founded Willow International to provide quality care and reintegration support for human trafficking survivors and transform global systems that fuel trafficking. Through her work leading Willow, over 65,000 lives have been impacted, hundreds of survivors have received comprehensive care and the country of Uganda saw increases in victims identified and traffickers arrested and convicted. Willow became known as a global leader and quality aftercare provider and Morgan’s team grew from a staff of five to 72 in six years. Under her leadership, the organization’s revenue and impact doubled year after year. In 2021, she set an ambitious goal to increase Willow’s scope and impact by creating an international merger with 10ThousandWindows. Uniting both organizations into a global entity named EverFree ensures every trafficking survivor around the world has access to quality care.