LaVal Brewer

OC Visionaries 2022

President & CEO
South County Outreach

As president and CEO of South County Outreach, it is LaVal Brewer’s goal to transform the organization’s Food Pantry into a place where people who are in short-term crisis situations can feel like they are shopping for nutritious, healthy food in a normal grocery store environment without having to pay. He also hopes to partner with cities, funders and corporate groups to create revenue that will allow the organization to help people who have fallen behind on rent and utility payments, and then find ways for people to better themselves so that they can ultimately escape the hunger and homelessness cycle. Knowing that ending hunger and homelessness takes collaboration, Brewer has also dramatically changed the circle of leadership throughout the organization by broadening the leadership team by 500%. He doubled his staff from a team of 11 to 22 staff members, including additional case workers and full-time pantry coordinators.