Meymuna Hussein-Cattan

OC Visionaries 2022

Founder & Executive Director
The Tiyya Foundation

Meymuna Hussein-Cattan’s remarkable journey began in an Ethiopian refugee camp in Somalia. Due to conflict, her parents both fled their birth countries at 12 and 15 years old, later met at the camp, married and started their family there. She eventually found her way and was the first family member to graduate high school, college and graduate school. For the last decade, she has been the founder and director of The Tiyya Foundation, supporting families of immigrants, refugees and displaced indigenous people to overcome obstacles and actively participate in society. Her work led record-breaking initiatives, including creating innovative programs and services that impact nearly 1,000 people a year and is currently working with 200 families locally, half of which have arrived due to the recent turmoil in Afghanistan. She has been helping transform sentiments and narratives around refugees and immigrants in Southern California.