Mike Learakos

OC Visionaries 2022

Chief Executive Officer
Abound Food Care

Mike Learakos has a 30+ year career across all spectrums of the food industry. In addition to being the president of Abound Food Care since 1993, Learakos also has extensive experience in food processing, procurement, facility design and distribution. Beyond the food industry, he has a long history of community involvement supporting a wide variety of civic and nonprofit organizations. Starting as a volunteer with Waste Not OC in 2013, Learakos used his experience to develop what has become the nation’s most effective food recovery model recognized nationally for its innovation and effectiveness. Under his guidance, the organization became known as Abound Food Care, working to develop food insecurity and food waste reduction solutions that brings together public, private and nonprofit sectors with a focus on the positive impact excess edible food can have on people and our environment.