Pierre Bergougnan

OC Visionaries 2022
(Bree Maloney)

Founder & CEO
Marque Medical

Pierre Bergougnan is the founder and CEO of Marque Medical, a medical services company specializing in delivering high-quality urgent care to Southern California. Since inception in 2010, Marque Medical (known as Marque Urgent Care) has grown to become a household name in the Southland communities. With 12 clinic locations in Southern California (six in Orange County), Marque is one of the top premier medical companies in California. When the pandemic emerged, Bergougnan took immediate action to secure facilities with protective gear, proper safety training and updates so the community could have better access to the organization’s doctors and nurses. He invested in mobile COVID testing units, top of the line testing kits and other measures to protect and support his staff during massive surges. He also helped develop an innovative Virtual Care platform that still sees hundreds of patients per day.