Randall Allen

OC Visionaries 2022

Senior Wealth Advisor
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Wealth Advisors

Randy Allen jumped into his career in finance in 1998 right out of college. After several successful roles in leading firms, in 2014 he made the move to join Kayne Anderson Rudnick Wealth Advisors (KAR) after an introduction to the firm by a client. When he was hired, Allen was tasked with building out Orange County and San Diego for the firm. As of December 2021, Allen has 100 client relationships and assets totaling about $610 million. While COVID-19 shook the world and continues to shake the stock market, Allen believes that KAR’s focus on high-quality companies continued to show value and protect capital during a difficult period, and as a result he was able to generate a significant amount of business over the last two years. Allen has spent the last six months meeting these new clients in person for the first time.