Rick Arvielo

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OC Visionaries 2023

CEO & Co-Founder
New American Funding

Rick Arvielo is an accomplished entrepreneur and mortgage industry leader, currently serving as the CEO and cofounder of New American Funding. Under his guidance, New American Funding has become the largest privately-owned and Latino-owned mortgage company in the nation, earning him numerous awards. In just two decades, the company has grown into a top 20 mortgage firm in the U.S., boasting over 3,660 employees and a servicing portfolio exceeding 250,000 loans worth $66.1 billion.

Beyond his role at New American Funding, Arvielo has contributed significantly through roles on the Mortgage Bankers Association Political Action Committee, the Mortgage Bankers Association Board of Directors, MBA’s Residential Board of Governors, and the California Mortgage Bankers Association Board of Directors. Currently, he serves as an elected member of the Mortgage Action Alliance Committee, further solidifying his commitment to industry evolution.