Letters: Pasadena, meet Santa Monica

Re "Pasadena looks to slow down," Editorial, Jan. 28

If Pasadena is considering removing lanes on Colorado Boulevard, the resulting traffic jams will be horrendous. And if the 210 Freeway is seen as an alternative to the excess traffic, this is a terrible mistake.


I have worked in the San Fernando Valley for more than 30 years. I travel on the 210 frequently, and I am often forced to use Colorado because the freeway is jammed.

If the idea is to force through-traffic off Colorado and onto the 210, the traffic jams on Colorado, the 210 and other streets will be substantial.

Pasadena could be "building a better Main Street," but the rest of Pasadena traffic could be a real nightmare.

Tony Hillbruner

San Gabriel

We in Santa Monica have had many of the same types of changes Pasadena is currently considering. Lanes have been removed from a number of streets. Traffic islands have appeared in places that defy common sense.

Bicycles lanes, though necessary, often encroach dangerously on vehicle lanes. The timing of traffic signals has increased, causing 90 seconds or more of waiting. A minute and a half is a long time to cool your jets.

All these "calming" schemes are in an environment of multi-unit residential, office and commercial property over-development in anticipation of the Expo Line scheduled to arrive in the near future.

I would suggest to the Pasadena planners that they come to our town, drive around in our moccasins for a while and experience the pervasive gridlock before setting some of their schemes into concrete.

Harold Sriro

Santa Monica