Letters: Don't let political donors hide

Re "Losing an edge in the Capitol," March 18

The bill to expand disclosure of the sources of campaign cash failed in the state Senate because not one Republican would vote for it. This is basically a nonpartisan bill that would force out-of-state big-money donors to tell California voters who they are.


Shouldn't we as Californians know who is pumping millions into our state trying to influence our election process? A no-brainer, you say?

Obviously not to the Republicans in our state Senate.

Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) reasons that the bill is "unnecessary" and that, if passed, donors "do not have time to understand the rules of engagement have changed." Translation: The highly paid lawyers for wealthy donors wouldn't have enough time to find loopholes before the next election.

Republicans continue to scratch their heads over why they can't win a state office in California. Here's one example why.

Carl Falletta

Yorba Linda