Letters: Political dynasties aren't the biggest threat

Re "America's dynasty factor," Opinion, March 27

Political dynasties derive from a sense of entitlement and a desire to perpetuate power across generations, often in disregard of their members' qualifications and despite better-qualified candidates outside their circles.


As a society that prides itself on its democratic institutions, we should be wary not only of the obvious political dynasties but also less visible forms of nepotism and cronyism, including ties between politicians and lobbyists.

Berta Graciano-Buchman

Beverly Hills

Jonathan Zimmerman makes a weak case about political dynasties and the U.S. presidency. Forty-three people have been president, and Zimmerman can cite only a handful of "dynasties."

Moreover, barely mentioned in his piece is arguably the least dynastic president and the one elected most recently: Barack Obama.

Mark B. David

Newport Coast