Letters: Gay rights and free speech


Re “Mozilla CEO resigns after Prop. 8 outcry,” April 4

If former Mozilla Chief Executive Brandon Eich had made a contribution — however long ago — to, say, an anti-Semitic group or even one of the organizations trying to sell the message that a woman’s place is in the home after all (in short, any cause that seeks to infringe on the civil liberties or equality of any specific social group), we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Why is it, among all the other “antis,” anti-gay attitudes are somehow singularly defended as expressions of free speech?


At a time when “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is being removed from classrooms because it contains the “N-word” (a word so taboo it can’t be uttered even in a disapproving context), the “you must be tolerant of all opinions and viewpoints, even ones you don’t agree with, or else you’re as bad as the people you complain about” argument doesn’t quite hold up.

Kevin Dawson

Los Angeles

How sad it is that those who suffered from intolerance and bigotry for so long, having won the day, now engage in the same practices.

Arthur Quillo

Laguna Niguel


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