Letters: What would Lincoln think of the GOP?

Re "Suspicious voter forms easily traced in Florida," Sept. 30

How ironic that the party responsible for removing many barriers to voting used in the South after Reconstruction to prevent poor African Americans and poor whites from voting is resurrecting them in the form of voter ID laws, again to disenfranchise African Americans, the poor and the elderly, whom the GOP presumes vote mostly for Democrats. The cost of providing certified copies of birth certificates or naturalization papers, passports, driver's licenses or other form of identification will be a burden to many of these citizens.

With the Florida Republican Party's desperate registration efforts — highlighted by retaining a firm whose principal, Nathan Sproul, has faced allegations of election misconduct — and the GOP's current difficulties in Florida over fraudulent registrations, one can only be aghast at how far the party of Lincoln has strayed from the principles of Lincoln.

Gordon J. Louttit

Manhattan Beach

Let's see if any of the Republicans who called for ACORN to be shut down after the 2008 election will ask for the Republican Party to be shut down. And this is much worse than ACORN, which by law had to submit those suspect registrations, which it flagged. The Republicans didn't do likewise for their forms. They waited until they were caught to do something about it.

Alex Magdaleno



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