Letters: Mitt Romney's worldview

Re "Romney assails Obama foreign policy," Oct. 9

It is absurd for Mitt Romney to criticize anyone in the area of foreign policy.

Romney has called Russia our "No. 1 geopolitical foe" (as though the Cold War continues). He promised to brand China a currency manipulator and impose tariffs on Chinese goods on Day 1 of his administration (without mentioning Day 2, when China may well stop purchasing U.S. Treasury notes, thus sending interest rates soaring and our economic stability into tatters). He said he will never enact a change in our Middle East policy without first consulting Israel (in effect subcontracting our policy to Tel Aviv).

In foreign affairs, Romney's view of the world would inflict harm on America's interests.

Robert Gibson


Romney criticizes Obama, saying we should give arms to Syrian rebels. Arms given to Libyan rebels might have played a role in killing the U.S. ambassador and some of his colleagues. Arms given to Afghan rebels 25 years ago killed and may still be killing Americans.

Romney doesn't seem to be very good at connecting the dots.

Paul Dyson



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