Letters: The Times' Obama endorsement

Re "Why endorsements?," Postscript, Oct. 27

Editorial Page Editor Nicholas Goldberg reasons that The Times' endorsements are well thought out after listening to both sides. One thing your endorsements aren't are surprises. Was I surprised when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he'd vote for President Obama? No.

Was I surprised when The Times endorsed President Obama? No.

Where is the credibility in being a rubber stamp? You've complained about the lack of bipartisanship in government. It's got to start somewhere.

Scott Moulton

Chino Hills

Goldberg's response to a reader complaint about The Times' endorsements was professional and thought provoking. I may not always agree with the editorial board, but I am better informed to make a intelligent decision.

I appreciate the time and effort put into this page by Goldberg and his staff of eight editorial writers.

Jim Thomas

San Bernardino


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