Letters: Elysian Park plan

Re "Barlow Hospital's overreach," Editorial, April 14

As a committed preservationist, I want to thank you for your excellent editorial about the possible destruction of the historic Barlow cottages and that part of Elysian Park north of downtown Los Angeles.

One more crucial point that has not yet been addressed is what 600-plus residential units proposed for the site would do to future parking and traffic flow on the only through street, Elysian Park Boulevard.

Now, on nice days with families enjoying the park, there is just adequate parking; with car shows and festivals, parking is tight. Every morning and evening rush hour has commuters passing through the park instead of driving on a freeway. There is gridlock during Dodger games.

Add to that the fact that Los Angeles has one of the lowest park ratios, per capita, in the U.S., and developing the land near the historic Barlow Respiratory Hospital would be a civic and moral disaster.

Murray Burns

Los Angeles


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