Letters: No more child deaths

Re “County missed signs of boy’s abuse,” May 31

As a resident of Los Angeles County, I am appalled and sickened and most of all saddened by the death of 8-year old Gabriel Fernandez from horrific injuries allegedly inflicted by his mother’s boyfriend — even after social workers had investigated the couple for child abuse.

What is wrong with the county Department of Children and Family Services? How many more child deaths and injuries have to occur because its social workers are undertrained and overworked? The system is broken and is suffering from neglect.


On Thursday, The Times reported that the county expects a $50 million boost in tax revenue. I hope the Board of Supervisors uses a large portion of the money to hire more social workers and train them to more swiftly remove children from such dangerous situations.

Joyce Woodford


This line about Fernandez having suicidal thoughts says it all: “Authorities dismissed the complaint without removing him or hospitalizing him because he had no specific plan to carry out a suicide, records show.” Is it not abnormal for a small child to even have thoughts of suicide?

DCFS needs to be restaffed starting from the top down. No more deaths, period.

Ed Hieshetter

San Diego


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