Letters: By golly, why not an L.A. trolley?

Re “Tar pit express?,” June 6

The negative reactions by bureaucrats and gadflies alike opposing the extension of the Grove’s trolley line are shortsighted. Developer Rick Caruso is stepping up to the plate in a city that has little or no vision on public transportation, and you have NIMBY opposition to a public-private partnership that actually makes sense.

Instead of wasting billions on a questionable subway to the sea, why not reinstall a sensible and much less expensive trolley system that would connect Los Angeles in a meaningful way?


The only way to remove cars is to create a usable rail system. A trolley system would be embraced by tourists as well as commuters tired of sitting in traffic.

It’s a shame Caruso didn’t run for mayor. Los Angeles needs outside-the-box thinking and real leadership.

Nicholas Antonicello

Venice Beach

I noted the opposition of neighborhood activist Diana Plotkin to a fixed rail line proposed by Caruso, and it got me thinking about my recent visit to Denver.

That city’s 16th Street pedestrian and shopping mall is a wonder, with buses stopping on every corner. Denver is also building a new rail system, which will connect the city to its airport more than 20 miles away.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County, with a population almost double that of Colorado, just can’t seem to get the light-rail thing working too well. How’s that Crenshaw Boulevard train to LAX coming along?

Thomas Michael Kelley

Newbury Park


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