Letters: Republicans in the wrong zone


Re “New leader urges GOP to leave ‘comfort zone,’” March 4

Jim Brulte, the new chairman of the California Republican Party, urges members to leave their “comfort zone.”

Republicans need to resonate with the rapidly changing population of this state, and yet the party chose as chairman a white male conservative from Rancho Cucamonga. As a registered Republican since 1947, I was taken aback by this irony.


It is quite obvious that my fellow Republicans still do not get the message. Perhaps they should review the demise of the Whig Party and the rise of the Republican Party.

Raymond Rodriguez

Long Beach

Brulte says, “The first principle of conservatism is you live within your means.” For the GOP, it sounds more like, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

It appears that friends are coming to the rescue of California’s Republican Party. One of Brulte’s first acts as chairman was to deliver a check for $50,000 from a friend, while promising that another was on the way. No doubt this “friend” has no problem living within his means.

I will write a check to Brulte for $5 if he will meet me in public to explain why I should vote for the GOP.


Manuel Carrillo


Brulte attempts to restore GOP credibility by reiterating that “the first principle of conservatism is you live within your means.” He meant “financial means.”

Conspicuously missing was living within the means of nature to replenish the natural resources we are voraciously consuming. Showing respect for coming generations with financial conservatism is admirable, but leaving them with an environmental mess is the opposite of respect.

The GOP has to stop using “green” as an expletive if it is going to leave its comfort zone.

David Perlman


Laguna Beach


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