Letters to the Editor: Hit Putin where it hurts. Never buy a gas-powered car again

A Chevron station in San Diego posts gasoline prices of more than $5 a gallon on March 1.
A Chevron station in San Diego posts gasoline prices of more than $5 a gallon on March 1.
(Rob Nikolewski / San Diego Union-Tribune)

To the editor: We didn’t need yet another reason to dump the pump and go electric, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has given us one by attacking Ukraine. (“Rising gas prices from Russia-Ukraine conflict will hit Angelenos who can least afford it,” March 1)

In addition to contributing to the deaths of more than 7 million people every year from pollution, those who buy gasoline keep demand for oil high, which pushes the price up for everybody. Russia is a petro-state, meaning the government gets most of its revenue from selling oil, and when the price is high, Moscow makes more money.

Those who buy gasoline are helping Putin pay for his war of aggression against Ukraine. The oil industry helped elect Donald Trump president in 2016 and tried to get him reelected.


Never buy a gas car again, and to the extent you have influence, don’t let your friends, family, co-workers or neighbors buy one either.

Paul Scott, Santa Monica

The writer is co-founder of the electric vehicle advocacy group Plug In America.


To the editor: I have some suggestions for dealing with higher gas prices because of the war in Ukraine.

First, drive smaller vehicles or use public transportation whenever possible. Second, telecommute whenever possible, and if you’re an employer, enable your workers to do so whenever possible.

We should be doing these things anyway, just on account of climate change. We must support right against might and do the right thing even when — especially when — it’s difficult.

Susan Wolfson, Glendale