Letters to the Editor: P-22 is getting too close to people (and cars) for his own safety

Mountain lion P-22 emerges from a tunnel.
Mountain lion P-22 prowls Griffith Park.
(Miguel Ordeñana)

To the editor: Like so many other animal-loving citizens, I have followed the Griffith Park mountain lion P-22’s life with great interest and have bemoaned the loss of so many of his fellow cougars who have attempted to cross freeways and met their untimely end doing so. (“It was P-22! L.A.’s famous mountain lion was indeed spotted roaming Silver Lake,” March 9)

To learn of his meanderings is always fascinating, but to know that he is coming so close to his human neighbors is somewhat unsettling lest some individual, not so aware of his unique fame, might seek to harm him. Or, a fast-driving car might do likewise.

Let us hope that this notable but wild celebrity be “given all the space” he needs to continue to thrive. Perhaps he is looking for a mate and therefore seeks a wider world, but I join others in hoping that he consigns himself to his bachelorhood in Griffith Park.

We want P-22 to stay among us safe and sound.

Elaine Livesey-Fassel, Los Angeles



To the editor: Why all the fuss over P-22? He’s just looking for cheap gas.

Vic Turner, Costa Mesa